On all these techniques ask the client to open their eyes wide and look up towards you. Grab the ends of the tape or pads in both hands and use your middle or ring finger to pull down the lower lash line. Now apply tape or pads as below:
Tape- apply x2 strips as shown just below the water lines and securing the lower lashes. Ask the client to close their eyes slowly.
Pads- apply pads close to the waterline securing all lower lashes, ask the client to close slowly. Now you can readjust the pads by pulling them down away from the eye. Never pull them up towards the eye(only ever down).
Always ask your client how the tape or pads feel as you may need to re-adjust. Check the pads or tape are not touching the eyeball by gently lifting the eyelid to check. Whilst here check all lower lashes are secured. If any lower lashes have escaped use tape to secure them.
Pads and tape - apply tape first and then apply pads over the top.